Customize Your Koala

1. Choose Your Finish

Koala Furniture Customization Options

Choose From 8 Different Finishes. Select The Finish That Fits Your Personal Style And Decor.

2. Add Storage Options

Koala Furniture Customization Options

Minimize or maximize your Koala Studio’s storage by using or removing the Multi-functional Bi-Fold Doors. When space tight, simply fold the doors flush to the sides of your Studio or remove them entirely.

Maximize storage potential by adding optional left or right Notions and Fabric Palettes to the weight-bearing doors of the Studio. These can be positioned within a 270-degree radius to provide usable work space to the side of your main work area.

3. Add More Space

Koala Furniture Customization Options

Expand your workspace! An Outback Leaf Extension adds 23 3/4” to the depth of your studio.

Want even more room to create? Each Outback Side Extension provides an additional 26 1/2” to the length of your studio.

4. Add Additional Shelving

Koala Furniture Customization Options

Ordered as a set of 2, Outback shelves help make every space a storage space.