Computerized Sewing Machines

Computerized Sewing Machine Service and Repair Computerized Sewing Machine Service and Repair  Computerized Sewing Machine Service and Repair

We repair all brands of household computerized sewing machines.

Computerized Machine Service features all of the same check points as Mechanical Machine Service as well as additional attention paid to the more complex electronic components. Service includes a thorough cleaning, inspection, lubrication and adjustments. We will also check for any broken parts once your machine is open and we can look inside.


Service and Repair Includes:

  • 90 days to 6-Month Warranty on Labor depending on age of machine
  • Please note:  Household Machines being used commercially are not eligible for a labor warranty
  • Full cleaning of your machine Thread and other debris may build up inside of your machine causing several common issues. Often a good old fashion cleaning is all you need!
  • Fresh oil applied to your machine once it has been cleaned It is important to make sure your machine is properly oiled. Running a sewing machine dry creates friction may lead to mechanical errors.
  • Adjust Top & Bottom Tension
  • Adjust All Timing including Hook timing and Feed Dog timing
  • Check Belts
  • Check Automatic Needle Threaders
  • Check Thread Cutters
  • Check Bobbin Winders
  • Check and Adjust Needle Bar
  • Check Bobbin Case, clean and buff out any burrs
  • Check Gears Check Motor
  • Check All Sensors The various Sensors in your machine will provide additional information that will help us to diagnose errors and identify any repairs your machine may need.
  • Check All Circuit Boards, Screens & other electronic components

Please Note:  As a courtesy, we offer to transfer machines from your vehicle into the store.  However, customer assumes liability for assistance provided.